COVID In Home Technician Procedure

COVID In Home Technician Procedure

Your comfort and safety are our focus 100% of the time. Our COVID in home Technician Procedure is built with you in mind. Here is what we are doing.

COVID prevention all starts at the office

  1. Daily Staff Temperature Screening/Reporting to office
  2. We support our team, no team member will be left behind. Paid leave until return.

Onsite COVID In Home Technician Procedure: 

The simple procedure of minimizing person-to-person close quarters is our industry-leading best practices response to an awful reality of COVID-19 that we are all currently living with in 2020.

Here’s what to expect when we arrive:

  1. Your Mountain Heating and Cooling team member will call ahead and confirm your appointment time prior to arriving at your home or business.
  2. When we arrive we knock or check in at the office, stepping back 6 feet from the door or desk.
  3. Prior to entering your home or job site we will put on latex gloves, mask and shoe coverings.

We realize you need your home serviced and count it a privilege to serve you. As part of that privilege we have doubled down on our diligence to remove as many risk factors as possible related to the current pandemic challenges of in-home operation.

  1. We boot up
  2. We mask up

COVID employee policy

  1. Employees subjected to known COVID Positive persons must immediately report their exposure.
  2. Exposed employees are immediately asked to self-quarantine and be tested for the virus.
  3. Only After employees test negative and are they allowed to return to work

We value your business and safety, along with our teams.  Fortunately through care and industry leading practices we are continuing to see rave reviews from customers confident that they are safe in their own home.

We are ready to serve you when you need us most. We look forward to helping our stay safe as we help you make your home more comfortable.

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Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal

Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal

During COVID concerns we’ve all had to adapt. The Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal is one of the services we created to take care of our most at risk and health concerned community members. 

Why a Touchless Proposal?

Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning ProposalYour world changed in March 2020. Whether you have high-risk family members or concerns about being in contact and exposed to COVID-19 we get it.  You don’t have to be made to feel uncomfortable in your own home.  We can simply supply our professional assessment of your existing or requested system, from the World Wide Web. We are happy to come to you….digitally.

AND, if you have a funky schedule, or can’t be home till after work (or the big Bridger Beacon is flashing on a big powder day) the Virtual Heating and Cooling Touchless proposal might be just right for you.

What will happen during my Virtual Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal?

It all starts when you call the office. We’ll take your digits, get to know the current problem you are trying to solve, and schedule an appointment.

Then comes the fun part.  Our Comfort Specialist will connect with you (that’s fancy talk for Matt or Corey) at your scheduled appointment time.  We’ve used Zoom and Facetime with great results. We love coming to your home and meeting you, but we can always point the camera at you for virtual introduction.  Not to mention, this is a great opportunity for you to learn how your HVAC System works and the different equipment involved.

What you’ll need:

  • Phone or tablet 
  • Hi-speed internet or a 4G or better cell mobile device
  • Tape Measure
  • Flashlight or Headlamp

What part of the house will we need to see?

Most times, in the Gallatin Valley furnaces are in the crawl space, but components can be tucked in closets, attics, garages, too. 

Sound like too many spiders for you? We still are happy to come out and do the dirty work, but hey, when we were kids all the spaces we’re visiting were magically mysterious. So when you’re ready, we’ll crawl down or up the ladder.  This is going to be fun.

Which components are assessed during your Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal?

During your appointment we’re going to walk you through every step. You don’t need any previous knowledge to be able to help us. We provide you the same professional expertise we would if we were in your home, just  using you as our in-home videographer and assessor.

Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal

We are going to look at:

  • Furnace
  • Inside the furnace we’ll get the model number and serial number of furnace
  • Attached ductwork
  • Filter media
  • Space surrounding unit (taking notes of the environment for current concern or future installation of equipment)
  • Electrical Supply Panel
  • Outdoor unit (existing or future installation)
  • Outdoor power source
  • Air return vents and home duct system
  • Thermostat
  • Home measurements

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know what you’re looking at. We can have some fun with that, via video too. “Sally, see that big grey box. No not the Christmas ornaments, the metal one to your left…yeah that one. Ok, get a little closer. Perfect. OK I got that picture. Now point your camera over toward the left”. 

After we’ve got the right screen shots, and had you take a 5-6 measurements we’ll get you out of your crawl space and move on to the thermostat and go meet your dog.

Some questions we will ask you about your home:

After all you are the queen or king of your home. The most important part of what we accomplish in our Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal is talking to you. You are the pro in your home, and you know what you want to improve in our comfort at your house. We want to know what it feels like, to you, to live in your home as it relates to your heating and cooling.

Here’s some questions that we’ll ask to help us understand your home and give you options to select the right heating and air conditioning equipment to get comfortable when we come to install the selected equipment. (Yeah, it’s true, we haven’t yet found a drone capable of a virtual installation, but our guys and gal installers take the utmost care when they do arrive at your home).

  • Are all the rooms in the house getting to the set temperature when your furnace or air conditioning are running?
  • Are there rooms that your choose to frequent or avoid because lack of comfort?
  • How noisy is your fan when it’s running?
  • Does your furnace warm the house?
  • Does your air conditioning cool the house?
  • Is there a time of day that your home is more comfortable in some rooms than others?
  • Does anyone in your house have seasonal allergies?

What can you expect after the Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Assessment?

After we visit your home (virtually) we’ll have all the details to give you answers to your heating and cooling questions. We will typically send you 3 proposals (via email) to meet the needs discussed during our virtual home visit with you. Our 3 proposals are titled Good, Better, Best ranging from a basic solution that will address the homes comfort requirements, to a solution that will provide enhanced comfort, warranteed 10 year operation, and some significant energy efficient savings from highly efficient equipment.

 Our goal is to teach you enough about your heating and cooling system so you can decide which one meets your needs and fits your budget most effectively.

Whether you’re experiencing a problem with your existing heating and cooling system or looking to add Air Conditioning to your home, we want to help you be comfortable as soon as possible. 

Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal

How soon can I schedule my appointment?

We are currently offering in home and Touchless In Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposals to fit your schedule. 

We’re here to help, and make your system fixes and upgrades as simple and safe as possible. 

If a Touchless In-Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Proposal seems right for you, give us a call or click on the link below to schedule your appointment.

We look forward to you showing us around, and helping make your home more comfortable this week. When you do settle on a solution that fits your needs we’ll take the utmost care with our technician in home safety procedures. whether heating, cooling, plumbing or air purification

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Air Purification

We get a fair number of folks asking about air purifiers.  Most commonly, I see one stuffed in the corner of your living room or bedroom while doing a bid.

The bottom line is we have some great solutions.  While they get to the same goal a different way, all of the products we carry have been tried and tested by our staff and customers.

  1.  We carry the GPS series plasma purifiers.  They are simple to maintain, cost effective to install, and can easily go with you when you move across town.  Here’s a video…
  2.  At the top end of the catagory (and best in it’s class) is the Trane ‘Clean Effects’ air purification/furnace filter.

The right fit for you depends on the problems you are looking to solve.  But I’ll rank them below for the big issues we most commonly see.


Both do a good job with dust, but they do it very differently.

  • The GPS makes the particles heavy and sticky.  So they get caught up in the filter.  Because of this, we recommend the filter be changed about 4 weeks after installation.
  • The Trane ‘Clean Effects’ filters out the dust by making it adhere to a membrane.  Wash and vacuum the membrane and you are good to good for another 3 months.
  • Winner:  We’ll give the edge to Trane on this one.  While both do well, the Trane does it on a more refined level.

Pollens & Allergies:

We have seen excellent results with both of the units related to pollens and allergies.  It’s important to note that this isn’t a medical solution, but we have seen success here at removing the source of the airborne issue that is causing the symptoms.   Again, edge goes to Trane, but it really depends on how you use your home related to windows and open doors.

Smoke and odor:

  • The GPS uses an ionizing technology that drops the smoke out of the air.  It also takes cooking, pet, spouse, kids, etc… odors and eliminates them.  Pretty nice for the price.
  • The Trane air purifier is in a dead heat on this one.  System owner’s report that being indoors during fire season was comfortable and odor free when combined with the cool air delivered through the ducts.

We don’t think there is a bad choice here.  And, with our 100% guarantee on the GPS unit, try it out, if it doesn’t work for you family we’ll upgrade you to the Trane.

How to select your HVAC contractor?

We know it’s difficult to wade through the decision making process when it comes to a furnace.  It’s the third largest purchase most people make in their lives and often the one they know the least about.  Plus, you’ve likely heard about bad experiences through friends and neighbors with some shady companies they have endured.   While I don’t think there are many companies or people in our industry who strive to be shady, a mis-communication can quickly lead to frustration and fear related to large investments and your home and family.  It’s often the product of folks being trained in vocation and not having as much training in professionalism.

I would be remiss, if I didn’t acknowledge that we have had our share of bumps and bruises in this area.  What has always set us apart, and should be the hallmark of any service company, is the willingness to stand up for our mistakes and take care of the customer.

Below are some ideas to consider when hiring your HVAC contractor (These are borrowed from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America) :

1.  Has the company shown a track record of doing right by the customer.

2.  Do you have trust that they will do the project in a timely manner and install a quality product?

3.  Have they performed a computerized load calculation and shown you the results?  This important step is often overlooked because it is fairly easy to use rules of thumb and get pretty close.   Load calculations are the difference between being close and being right on, which ultimately saves you money.

4.  Have they performed a code evaluation of your project and shared the results?

5.  Are they properly licensed and do they provide continuing education for their employees.

6.  Do they offer a Universal Savings/Service Agreement?  Yearly service and maintenance is good for your equipment, efficiency, and required to keep your warranty terms valid.

7.  Your general contractor is often a good place to ask for a referral.  We feel strongly that there are places to definitely not ‘seek the lowest cost solution’.  In new homes, a priority can easily be set that focuses dollars on the systems that are expensive to replace down the road.   Windows, vapor barrier, insulation and structure are first, then consider systems like heating, plumbing, and electrical.  Those systems are run deeply in the home and more difficult to change later.  Make sure they are being properly designed and cared for.

Remember – It’s perfectly acceptable to let the contractor know the sub-contractors you would like to use.

We view the in home evaluation and system design as the start of a good relationship with our customers. When performed with diligence and care, products are ordered correctly and our team gets the important information right from the start.  More importantly, our team is centered around informing and teaching you about options and choices so you can make informed decisions for your home and family.

Call today and we can walk you through designing your next project.

Building Permits? Why?

In some ways, Bozeman still is the wild west.  So many companies and individuals want to do projects under the radar.  It’s my belief that isn’t OK.  The permit process is a good one.  While I still have a fight on my hands some days with the building department, they are doing a job which has our overall safety concerned. My hope, at the end of the fight, is they respect why we would take our stance and fight about it.  And…sometimes I learn from them (should I have written that in smaller print?)

I’ve seen too many situations where a building inspection would have helped save the owner thousands of dollars.  Costly mistakes, discovered years later, are more costly mistakes.  I often get in situations, where being a licensed architect, and knowing the code related to an illegal apartment loses the job for us.  Often the solution, perhaps even discussion, upsets the owner.  And…while I feel we can really help the client, they have to want that solution.

We bid all of our work to meet and in many cases exceed the code.  When asked to work below the code, we won’t do it.  It doesn’t serve the client or any future inhabitants of the building.  Instead of looking at the permits as a ‘requirement’ foisted upon us, we take the approach that the process is one that helps us fine tune our skills and give the customer a second set of eyes to assure them that the project is complete and safe.

Duct Design: The Mountain Heating and Cooling difference.

Let’s face it, furnaces and air conditioning are expensive.  Yet, while equipment determines your possible efficiency, duct design determines your actual performance, bills, comfort level, longevity, noise levels…..we could go on.

In many new construction projects, we see ducts carelessly sized and designed which either lead the homeowner to ask about hot or cold spots in the home or ‘why is it so noisy?’.  A forced air heating or cooling system, when designed and installed with proper coordination, will not be noisy.

There are ways to design and coordinate the duct installation that make a big difference in assuring a quality project.   First, calculating heating AND cooling loads room by room.  Then, and only then can you be assured the system is meeting the loads.  In fact, it can be measured and compared to the load calculation.  We think you might want that level of comfort and knowledge that you are getting what you pay for.  We design all of our home system using a computerized Manual J calculation, draw and size the ducts and print them for you and your contractor to use.  This file can be exported to include in a builder’s set of drawings.  Changes in register locations can then be executed in real time and with an assurance that it will not affect the performance.

This is extra work, and it’s worth it.  proper air flow design can lower the installation cost of ducts and reduce the size of ducts while making the equipment last longer and operate at higher efficiency.   Sounds like a win-win for our customers!