We know it’s difficult to wade through the decision making process when it comes to a furnace.  It’s the third largest purchase most people make in their lives and often the one they know the least about.  Plus, you’ve likely heard about bad experiences through friends and neighbors with some shady companies they have endured.   While I don’t think there are many companies or people in our industry who strive to be shady, a mis-communication can quickly lead to frustration and fear related to large investments and your home and family.  It’s often the product of folks being trained in vocation and not having as much training in professionalism.

I would be remiss, if I didn’t acknowledge that we have had our share of bumps and bruises in this area.  What has always set us apart, and should be the hallmark of any service company, is the willingness to stand up for our mistakes and take care of the customer.

Below are some ideas to consider when hiring your HVAC contractor (These are borrowed from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America) :

1.  Has the company shown a track record of doing right by the customer.

2.  Do you have trust that they will do the project in a timely manner and install a quality product?

3.  Have they performed a computerized load calculation and shown you the results?  This important step is often overlooked because it is fairly easy to use rules of thumb and get pretty close.   Load calculations are the difference between being close and being right on, which ultimately saves you money.

4.  Have they performed a code evaluation of your project and shared the results?

5.  Are they properly licensed and do they provide continuing education for their employees.

6.  Do they offer a Universal Savings/Service Agreement?  Yearly service and maintenance is good for your equipment, efficiency, and required to keep your warranty terms valid.

7.  Your general contractor is often a good place to ask for a referral.  We feel strongly that there are places to definitely not ‘seek the lowest cost solution’.  In new homes, a priority can easily be set that focuses dollars on the systems that are expensive to replace down the road.   Windows, vapor barrier, insulation and structure are first, then consider systems like heating, plumbing, and electrical.  Those systems are run deeply in the home and more difficult to change later.  Make sure they are being properly designed and cared for.

Remember – It’s perfectly acceptable to let the contractor know the sub-contractors you would like to use.

We view the in home evaluation and system design as the start of a good relationship with our customers. When performed with diligence and care, products are ordered correctly and our team gets the important information right from the start.  More importantly, our team is centered around informing and teaching you about options and choices so you can make informed decisions for your home and family.

Call today and we can walk you through designing your next project.