Spring is here! The trees, flowers, and grasses will be blooming before we know it. Springtime in Montana is unique and wonderful, but no one loves being held back by allergy season so that they can’t enjoy all of its benefits. 

Now is the perfect time to prep your home and make sure your system’s air purifier is ready for you to enjoy the spring while being sneeze and headache free from pollen and cutting season. A home air purification system will  clean your air as it cycles and cools your home.


What can you do to filter your home’s air?

Guarantee your home’s air is clean, fresh, and filtered. Let’s dig in to some things you can do right away to get ahead of allergy season!

Install air purifiers in your home

Installing air purifiers can help with allergens from dust, dander, and pets, and they can also help control viruses, bacteria, and mold. As an added bonus, installing air purifiers ahead of forest fire season can protect your family from harmful particles from smoke and remove the smell of smoke, too. Now is the perfect time to install an air purifier to get the maximum benefit from your investment this year. 

How do I choose the right system for my home?

Tip for pure home air: shut the windows and switch on your AC or fan

Pollen— and many other allergens— are airborne, so keeping our homes sealed up can help a lot during allergy season. Consider shutting the windows and turning on the AC, but before you do, make sure that your air conditioning system is working smoothly and the filters have been cleaned. Running the AC rather than having the windows open can keep your home’s air clean, healthy, and cool.


Change your air filters

Montana’s spring comes with fluctuating temperatures, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself running the AC in the daytime and switching the heater on for a bit during a chilly evening. Folks will often turn on their furnace just to use the fan function, too. When you’re running your heating or cooling systems during allergy season, make sure that your air filters and furnace filter are freshly cleaned. Dander, dust, dog hair, and pollen all naturally build up in a home, and these are pulled right into your HVAC filter system and in the worst cases recirculated into the air. Getting your air filters changed and cleaned will make sure the system is sending clean filtered air to the rest of your home.


Get your air ducts cleaned

Over time, air ducts can collect a sticky residue from everyday use. Forest fires and smoke can also lead to air ducts collecting residue more quickly, too. To make sure your home’s air is as clean and allergen and irritant-free, it’s worth getting your air ducts cleaned and maintained regularly. We generally recommend getting them cleaned every 3-5 years, depending on things like system use and pets. It’s worth the peace of mind to get reset your duct work with a visit from our maintenance team.

While we’re cleaning your system we can also seal your home’s duct system with a high tech and effective internal sealing system called Aeroseal. Aerosealing your duct system will make it more efficient delivering better airflow and removing opportunity for dust, pollen, bugs and contaminants from entering your home’s air delivery system through unsealed seams. The typical system has a duct leakage measurement of over 20%. With Aeroseal we are able to reduce duct leakage below 6%.


We all love the Montana spring, and it’s great to be able to enjoy it without getting too bogged down by allergies in your home. There are things you can do to keep your home’s air clean throughout the allergy season, and we’d love to help! Let’s make sure you can enjoy those sunny spring days with your family skipping the headaches and sinus issues that come along with the season. 

Schedule a summer maintenance consultation or air purifier installation today.