Check Those Sneaky Energy Leaks With Heating Maintenance

Make sure your house is not leaking:

● Check doors and windows for drafts (light a match near the seal and see if it’s drafting)
● Cold basements or floors- use closed cell foam around foundation rim of your foundation
Note: Many homes with basements finished after the initial installation might have
inherited a system sized for the home before the addition.


Furnace DIY upkeep

Change your filter regularly: 1” filters are recommended monthly during operation
seasons. Larger filters (4”-5”) can be changed 3 months during operation seasons.
● We recommend writing the date on the filter and keeping a log/setting a reminder on
your calendar.

Furnace Comfort tip:

Upgrade to a programmable WiFi enabled thermostat.TRANE recommends a 4 degree
Fahrenheit setback for optimal efficiency and comfort. (You ask, “what does that
mean?”. If you like your home or office 72° make sure you keep the temperature
approximately 68° when you’re away and you’ll find a quick return to your optimal
temperature when you get home. More than 4° variation and you’re using more energy
and taking too long to get your home to your most enjoyable temperature.


Boilers DIY upkeep

● Keep boiler area clean
● Look for leaks
● Operate all system valves to “off” and back “on” to ensure they work when needed
(should be done annually)
● Check boiler pressure. ( 15PSI is optimal on most systems)


Keep Your Systems Running Longer

Join an Annual Maintenance Plan

We offer a “Best Annual Heating Maintenance Membership to keep your system in tip-top shape and
identify problems before they happen. Regular maintenance will give you the most value,
lifespan, and comfort out of your home comfort equipment. Besides who doesn’t love being a
member of a great organization….we’ve got a great group of people to be on your home team
here at Mountain Heating and Cooling.
For information on Maintenance, Memberships visit

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