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For a reliable, quiet furnace guaranteed to heat your home on the coldest days, look no further than a Trane gas furnace. Trane is renowned for its durable designs, and Trane furnaces are engineered with efficiency and precise temperature control in mind. Trane’s full line of furnaces allows our design pros to select multiple options to suit your system. We install every Trane furnace with pride knowing their legacy of quality and longevity. As of 2018, Trane has been voted America’s Most Trusted HVAC Brand by Lifestory Research for four years in a row. We’re proud to offer our customers the best furnaces on the market. Reach out to us today to discuss the best Trane furnace model for your home.

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Furnaces that Withstand Montana Weather

Montana is a state of both extremes: sweltering summers and intense winters. When the snow and ice hit, the last thing you want is an underperforming furnace. Outdated or malfunctioning furnaces can mean a chilly home during an already icy cold season. Stay warm for years to come with a Trane furnace. Trane was rated Top Tier Excellent for Gas Furnaces regarding Owner Satisfaction† and Reliability. Not only are Trane furnaces incredibly reliable, but they come in a variety of designs to fit every home’s heating needs. With one-stage, two-stage, and modulating furnaces, every Trane furnace provides optimal heating for your home. As they say, “You can’t stop a Trane!”

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Rebates and Tax Incentives Available

Up to $500 Federal and State Tax credits may be available. Utility company rebates are a sure thing. Ask us how to qualify.

Financing Available for Trane Products

Ask us how financing can help get your project done the way you want it!

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Receive up to $1000 on ‘Trade In’ for qualifying systems. Plus, get an extra $150 on the highest performing air purifier on the market, the clean effects filter, when added to the ‘Trade-In.’

High-Efficiency Trane Gas Furnaces

Trane XC95m Gas Furnace

The Trane Modulating and Communicating furnace is the top of the line for efficiency. In fact, it’s Trane’s most energy-efficient gas furnace! It has up to 97.3% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency with communicating technology that adapts to your home for customized comfort. It’s the only furnace we will install with zoned systems, and we’re finding it to be highly easygoing in homes. It forgives minor duct sizing issues, and it’s technician-friendly, making it a perfect fit for many furnace replacement jobs. But the best thing is the comfort. We keep hearing how quiet it is and how evenly it heats. For top-line heating, try the Trane XC96m.


The Trane XC95m has a modulating gas valve and fan speed, meaning it delivers only what heat is needed. This makes the system highly efficient and effective. The low fan speed contributes to its quietness. With a correctly designed duct system, you’ll hardly notice this unit running.

Gas Trane S9V2 Furnace

For many years, this furnace was the top of the top for good reason. The Trane S9V2 is an extremely dependable workhorse with high efficiency levels. It runs at 96% efficiency and delivers incredibly quiet operation levels. With technology developed and perfected over a 20-year time span, it is a tried and true furnace with Trane’s signature stamp of quality.


The S9V2’s two-step gas valve offers a high and low fire, while its variable speed fan can supply air at lower speeds. It’s designed to accommodate virtually any home and is certified to be airtight to less than 1%.

Trane XR95 Gas Furnace

The Trane XR95 is a solid, value-based furnace with all the quality and dependability you expect from a Trane. It’s a single-stage gas furnace offering up to 95 percent AFUE. The XR95 features a direct-drive, four-speed blower motor and aluminized steel heat exchanger, which helps maximize air circulation and efficient operation.


This model’s single-stage gas valve and single-speed fan offer a simple design with the same premium components as the rest of Trane’s high-efficiency furnaces.

Modulating/Communicating XC95M Trane Furnace
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