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Bozeman’s Premier Diamond Dealer.

Bozeman’s only Preferred Diamond Dealer

Usually we don’t get wrapped up in titles, but this one comes at a value to you. We have committed our resources to the learning the Mitsubishi systems through and through. This means we’ve installed more than any other company in Bozeman, so Mitsubishi rewards our commitment with an additional warranty term for our Mitsubishi customers. Bottom line is Mountain Heating and Cooling has the experience, design expertise, and maybe a little moxie when it comes to your Ductless Heat Pump solution.

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Instant Rebates

Mitsubishi does a great job of offering rebates and partnering with us to ad value to your purchase.

Ask us how rebates can work for you.

Financing Available!

We are able to offer some great ‘seasonal’ financing offers through Mitsubishi.

Find out more!

M Series ‘Hyper Heat’

 Multi Port Heat Pumps


Introduction of the Multi Port ‘Hyper Heat’ series in 2015 was a game changer for our ability to provide heating solutions for the whole house in our cold climate.

These systems become the popular choice of folks with radiant water or electric heat, those needing a ‘hands off’ system for their cabin, and even some who want to supplement with solar panels and work towards getting ‘off the grid’. Operating at nearly a quarter of the cost of electric baseboard, the Hyper Heats are quickly approaching the C.O.P. (coefficient of performance) rating of geothermal systems.

Single Port Heat Pumps


Simply put, these are the highest efficiency, quietest, most quality built mini split product ever. Ok, we’re biased, but with good reason.

M Series Heat Pumps

Multi Port Heat Pumps


These Multi Port systems are a great way to add heating and cooling in situations where low temperature operation isn’t as critical. Examples of this include homes with a good back up source of heat that the home owner likes to operate down at low temps.

They sit in the ‘ultra high efficiency’ category as they still operate at a higher efficiency than competing products. There’s no step off in quality from the hyper heat line. So, you can base your decision solely on function and performance.

Single Port Heat Pumps


These are great units. We’ll use them in applications that need them or one of their very flexible options.

P Series Heat Pumps


P Series is a more commercial line of products. It offers the entire range of head/cassette options that other single ports do not.

They also are available in some larger sizes than the M-series.

We’ll typically reccomend these when the application calls for it, but if you are think something different might be in order feel free to ask about this series.

What our customers say about Mountain Heating & Cooling

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“Mountain Heating and Cooling recently installed a Mitsubishi Ductless system in 3 rooms of our home. We are extremely pleased, and the system works great! It is very quiet and not drafty. We recommend the system and would recommend the folks at Mountain Heating & Cooling to anyone. It is a pleasure to deal with such professionals.”

Ductless System

“Very happy with Mountain Heating & Cooling. Tech was very professional and knowledgeable about his service. Highly recommend. 6 stars!”

James B.
HVAC Customer

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