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A Trane EarthWise™ Hybrid brings two different technologies together for ultimate efficiency and outstanding comfort. A variable speed or multi-stage Trane XVi or XLi electric heat pump works in tandem with a Trane furnace to create a system with the flexibility to use two

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How does staging work?

Unlike conventional systems that are either “on” or “off,” a variable speed or staged system has different “speeds” at which it can operate. For example, during a mild fall day, your Trane heat pump would operate at its lowest stage, because not a lot of heat is needed. Should the temperature drop, your heat pump would ramp up to a higher stage to pull more heat from the air. Likewise, a variable speed or multistage furnace will burn fuel at different rates depending on the temperature in your home. Simply put, the more speeds or stages your system has, the more precise your comfort and your efficiency can be.

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One smart system.

During the summer, your Trane electric heat pump draws heat from inside your house and radiates it outside, using the furnace’s blower to circulate cool air. During cooler weather, your heat pump reverses to pull heat from the outside in to warm your home. Even in most northern climates, there may still be enough residual heat for the heat pump to operate well into fall. When there is no longer enough residual heat found outside, the heat pump lets the furnace operation take over, heating your home with the cozy warmth of natural gas instead of electricity. The switch point is automatically set by your dealer based on fuel costs in your area, so you’re always using the most cost-effective method to stay comfortable.

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